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Landscape Photographer Brendon Perkins


Brendon Perkins is a native of Flint, Michigan where he took an early interest in exploring the natural landscapes of the Great Lakes region. Much of his childhood was spent investigating the fields and woods near his home interspersed with occasional summer trips to the shores of Lake Huron.

His first introduction to photography came during his early teens when he was given a second-hand camera for use during a trip to Lake Missinaibi in the backwoods of Northern Ontario. He got a lot of great shots on that trip even though he didn't fully appreciate the technology of the Kodak Brownie he was using!

After graduation from General Motors Institute with a BSME, Brendon assumed a full time position with NASA in Washington, DC and served as a freelance writer on the side for 3d Design Magazine. His writing led him to author the Photoshop Magic: Expert Edition published by Hayden Books.

All the while Brendon continued to dabble with photography as he expanded his realm of exploration throughout the United States and onto the high seas. In 1992 Brendon sailed a 40 foot sloop across the Atlantic as part of a four man crew. They safely arrived on the shores of the Azore Islands despite 30 foot swells along the way.

Brendon now resides in Southern California with his endlessly supportive life partner. During most weekends and every spare moment in between, Brendon takes to the back roads of the Southwest region and beyond with his Canon 5d Mark II to photograph whatever he finds along the way.

The world is full of beautiful places and interesting people waiting to be discovered, and Brendon's passion is to capture them in images to share with all. Photography provides Brendon with endless opportunities to combine his love for exploration of the great outdoors with his technical skill for producing awe inspiring imagery.


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Palm Springs, California

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Photoshop Magic: Expert Edition
Hayden Books ISBN 978-156830416


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